FoxTrot Search Server

Indexes your workgroup server or enterprise NAS
Access from LAN, WAN and VPN-connected clients

Deploying a high performance search server is as simple as upgrading a FoxTrot Professional Search to include FoxTrot Search Server.

Instead of indexing documents from the user's computer, FoxTrot Search Server performs the processor-intensive extraction of documents, indexing and searching on a separate Mac - even if the NAS is dedicated, Windows or Linux-based.

The search server core component can run as a faceless daemon or as a visible process. The Search administrator component is a distinct application and can be operated either from the same Mac or remotely to manage indices, index updating, trusted client-server certificates and more.

Some customers with just one or two connected Macs enjoy FoxTrot Search Server as peace-of-mind addition to their local server, ensuring that fast document search is always available and updated as often as needed.

To keep things simple, FoxTrot Search Server is bundled with all 10 to 500 multi-station licenses. A 60-day evaluation license is included for initial downloads.


  • create multiple indices from various folders and volumes
  • indexes content from PDF, HTML, Apple Mail, word processor, spreadsheet, presentations as well any extractable data from other applications: video, audio, iMessage, Contacts and other documents
  • search by document contents, metadata, filename, author, keyword, tags and metadata
  • categorize search results by a combination of relevance, age, location, item kind, extension author, main language, visibility, tag or author in order to narrow down the number of found items
  • preview most found documents within the application to search them further in a secondary search window; documents can also be displayed in a Quick Look popover or launched in their source application
  • highlight multiple found terms in distinct colors; secondary searches can be performed on identical or distinct terms
  • update the index on demand or at automatic intervals, even when the FoxTrot application is not visibly launched
  • quickly start a search from a FoxTrot system menu or command keys
  • select which file types are indexed for each indexed folder
  • limit the search scope to a specific folder and its descendants
  • use AND / OR operators between multiple search criteria
  • perform searches without keywords, by selecting all indexed documents of a given type (or all types) and categorizing down to the target - ideal to rediscover the contents of collected document and media assets, identify similar or duplicate documents and moved or delete selected items from within the document browser

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