What’s new in FoxTrot 7

Performance improvements

FoxTrot Search version 7 has been optimized to benefit from modern Macs: indexing is now much faster, especially on machines with SSD drives and 4 or more CPU cores.

Native support for Apple Silicon (M1) chips (version 7.0.4 and later).

The thumbnail view has been improved: it is faster and more responsive.

The PDF pages thumbnail view is now much faster to draw.

New search features

Instead of searching for specific keywords, FoxTrot Professional now lets you browse your complete indexed dataset, and use the categorization pane to focus on certain files. It can also perform advanced filename or regular expression searches on your entire index.

The date categorizer has been much improved and is easier to use; added a contextual menu to change the scale of the histogram, and to choose between creation or modification dates.

Two new categorization criteria have been added: filename extension, and visible / invisible.

Other searching or indexing improvements

Added more options to decide whether to index or not files in packages, applications and frameworks.

User interface and other improvements

Added support for dark mode on macOS 10.14 Mojave and later, full support of macOS 11 Big Sur, and many other enhancements.