FoxTrot Personal Search

A document search application
providing fast search by content and built-in file preview

FoxTrot picks up where macOS’s built-in Spotlight leaves off, quickly narrowing down a list of found items using logical categories and highlighting keywords.

Any Mac user with a Documents folder worth searching will gain time, precision and relevance by using FoxTrot Personal Search.


  • create a single index from various folders and volumes
  • indexes content from PDF, HTML, Apple Mail, word processor, spreadsheet, presentations as well any extractable data from other applications: video, audio, iMessage, Contacts and other documents
  • search by document contents, metadata or filename
  • categorize search results by a combination of relevance, age, location, item kind, extension and author, in order to narrow down the number of found items
  • preview most found documents within the application, view them in Quick Look or launch their source application
  • highlight multiple found terms in distinct colors
  • update the index on demand or at automatic intervals
  • quickly start a search from a FoxTrot system menu or command keys
  • select which file types are indexed for each indexed folder

FoxTrot Personal Search also offers both a glimpse into FoxTrot Professional’s amazing feature set and provides a risk-free evolution path: initial Personal purchases get re-credited in full when stepping up.

Release notes: